When you are looking to make a style statement in a room, gallery walls more than do the trick. They can add great pops of color, highlight special memories throughout the years and contribute a lot of warmth to a room. The possibilities are endless!

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My condo has 9 ft. white walls that are spectacular but when they are left bare, my living room feels smaller than it actually is. Let me tell you, these walls were screaming for a gallery makeover. The color and height of the gallery wall draws your eyes up which adds even more height and makes my tiny living room feel much larger.

Choosing frames and art for your gallery can be overwhelming but just think about what it is you want to accomplish with the gallery wall. Do you want to add an accent color? Are you looking to accentuate a new art piece? Do you want to display some of your favorite family photos? Whatever it is, the collection of frames is ultimately an expression of who you are and your personal style.

Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com

You can keep all frames uniform, in one size and color, with all frames level or mix it up with different colors and sizes, incorporate artwork and tie in patterns throughout the room.

Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com

The inspiration for my gallery wall really came from my “Honest Ed’s” tribute painting that I am over the moon in love with. For all Torontonians, I picked up this beauty in Kensington Market by an artist named Andre Alexander (@hip_pop_art). I built the rest of my frames around the painting.

Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com

Purchasing frames can be a costly venture so my rule of thumb is to purchase a few splurge pieces and go frugal with the rest. The gold leaf frames and patterned artwork from Indigo were the most pricey. The black frames with white matte were on sale from Kitchen Stuff Plus and Home Sense. Mix and matching kept the overall cost down.

Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com

I won’t lie to y’all, setting up a gallery and ensuring that each piece is level and evenly measured will take a bit of time but have faith! In the end your room will be bright and bursting with personality. Follow the simple instructions below and voila!

Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com

Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com
Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com

What You’ll Need:

3M clear adhesive clips – Home Depot

Assorted frames and artwork

Measuring tape

Thick tissue paper

Painter’s tape


  1. Arrange the frames and art on the floor so you have an idea of what order you would like to put them in. Ensure that the distance between each frame is the same.
  2. Measure the height and width of the entire gallery and write this down. Take a photo for reference.
  3. Lay tissue over each frame and cut around the perimeter. Write on each tissue cut-out where the top is and an indicator of which frame it matches. (ie. Small, vertical gold frame).
  4. Measure the height and width of the total wall you are mounting your gallery on.
  5. Assuming you want the gallery to be in the center, subtract the width of the frames from the width of the wall. Divide that number in half. This is the distance you need to measure from the right and from the left. Use the pencil to mark where the ends of the gallery are or place a small piece of tape.
  6. Repeat step number 4 for the height.
  7. Now tape each tissue “frame” to the wall beginning with the furthest to the left. Gallery Wall | thespiceathome.com
  8. Place the adhesive clips just behind the tops of each tissue paper. One by one, as you begin to place the clips, remove the tissue and add the frame. Repeat for each additional frame. What’s great is that if you misplace the clips you can re-arrange their placement without damaging your walls.