The challenges of living in a small space are so endless. There is one condo-living question I ask myself constantly, “how do I decorate my space and store my essentials without everything feeling cramped?” Nowhere is this question more pertinent than in a small bathroom.

There are just so many odds and ends that can easily clutter everything. In such a tiny area, where do you put your tweezers, Q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties, night creams, and so on and so on?? Minimal storage means getting creative. Have faith! Finding a home for everyday bathroom necessities while still keeping your space neat and tidy is a possibility. I’ve listed a few tips that have helped me end the small space madness…

1. Install glass shelves – Tiny condos tend to have very minimal storage. I’ve got the one cabinet under the sink and that’s it. It’s also a giant box so keeping my toiletries neat and actually finding them is quite a challenge. If you have wall space, add storage to the walls with a shelving unit. The key is to build up and use the height of the walls vs. square footage. Open, glass shelving is best because it is more light and airy. It gives you the space to store your toiletries without the added bulk of an opaque, closed unit which can make your bathroom feel more claustrophobic.

2. Display your belongings as decorative accents – Of course when adding open shelving whatever you put on your shelves needs to look orderly and neat. I’ve found this is easily achieved by utilizing fun, decorative containers like this silver bowl which ‘hides’ my floss, tweezers, bobby pins and small items that would normally go in a drawer. Again, using glass containers is best because they’re less bulky. My favorite belongings to display are my chunky necklaces which I’ve layered in this glass vase. The greatest part is you are freeing up the small amount of space in your cabinets!

3. Add decorative trays – Trays are an all-time life savor. Yes, they use surface space however they keep your belongings succinct and tidy. You can throw a whole host of mix and matched items together and the tray will keep them looking orderly. One of my favorite uses of trays is for my perfumes.

4. Use mirrors wherever possible – If it’s possible to install a mirror that is long enough to cover the area above the sink and toilet, do so. Not only do mirrors make your bathroom feel larger, this allows for two people to use the mirror at the same time. If this isn’t doable, or you don’t have another wall to install a mirror, try using mirrored or chrome objects because they reflect light. I’ve placed my mirrored frame around the sink and used a chrome bowl on the shelf.

5. Use baskets as storage – Instead of stuffing your hairdryer, hair brushes, lotions and potions, etc. under your sink, opt for purchasing a wire shelf like this and using baskets to hold all of your stuff.  These are the things I use every single day, and now I have very easy access to them. I’m displaying my belongings out in the open however, I’m keeping them organized.


6. Maintain a base tone throughout the space – It’s important in tiny bathrooms to maintain a base color and only add one or two accent tones. In such a small space, too many colors can overcrowd. I have white walls leading to the white subway tiles in my shower which offers continuation of space vs. chopped or boxed off space. Personally, I like light base colors like the gray and white in my bathroom because it adds to an airy feel. The gold and black accents compliment the gray and white and add a touch of decoration.

7. Use large patterns – Larger patterns give the illusion of a larger space. I’ve used a large swirled patterned shower curtain to give this affect. The long and narrow patterns on my bathmat elongate the floors.

8. Make room for flowers – Flowers and plants breathe so much life into any room, and the bathroom is no exception. I find the flower doesn’t necessarily have to match the color of your bathroom. I’m a sucker for light pink roses and am in love with the way they compliment gray tones. I’ve placed them against the mirror which makes them look even larger. I currently have a complete obsession with succulents and picked this one up (vase included) from Twig Weddings.

I’m hoping these tips will help you brighten up and tidy up your bathroom! If you’ve found any of the suggestions helpful, I would really appreciate if you could pin it so others may see as well! I would also love to hear your small space experiences in the comment box below.

Happy decorating everyone!

8 Ideas for Small Bathroom Organization