The pinkest and most girly holiday of the year has arrived in style. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

By this time, we are all knee deep in snow and it’s nice to have a pretty holiday pick-me-up filled with hearts and flowers. I know Valentine’s Day can have a very negative connotation but I like to look at it as an opportunity to express how much I care for everyone special in my life. This day can truly be made into a celebration of love in any which way. Whether you’re celebrating with besties, family or a significant other, I think doing up a pretty table with yummy sweets and fruity cocktails is one of the greatest ways to show love, agreed? This year’s Valentine’s Day setting started out with a Kate Spade inspiration in mind and evolved into adding a touch of dark romance. I’ve set this table for two because every once in a while I like to remind my fiancée, Waleed that he’s one in a million.

No Kate Spade-esque tablescape is complete without pink and a striking pattern, so I figured I would start there. I grabbed my peachy-pale pink linen table cloth from the closet and laid this black and white striped fabric down the middle. This is actually leftover fabric from when I made my curtains, ha! If you are ever in a bind and need a runner, fold over whatever fabric you have and it will do the trick. Layering an array of fabrics on top of one another is a great way to add vibrancy to your tablescape and gives it a more luxurious feel.

I’ve served up some bubbly Peach Nectar Cocktails in the ultimate girly pink glassware. Tantalizing chocolate cupcake with crunchy coconut icing and a deliciously romantic menu let him know the yummy food in store for the evening. I lit taper candles held up by my new H&M Home gold candle holders. The gold flatware sparkles against the dark stripes and compliments the pale pink cloth.

I needed a bold, pop of pink in another shade to make the setting more dynamic but didn’t have anything on hand. Fabric Fabric is always my go-to in these situations. From the copious shades of deep pinks and purples, I chose this silk, magenta fabric to make into napkins. The shine of the silk makes a statement against the linen backdrop.

I love to stack different sized plates and picked up these heart polka dotted gems from Home Sense. Add a plump, floral bouquet using a mixture of three to four different types of flowers to give height and top off the setting.

I hope I’ve sparked some ideas to inspire your Valentine’s Day table setting! For more information on my table items, see below.

Be My Valentine Table Setting 

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